2016 Kidslovef1 Awards: Part 2


Hello F1 fans! Welcome to the 2016 season Kidslovef1 awards! I this post I will award some funny moments from the season. Lets get started!


  1. Mex Verstappen: “Im driving like grandma!”04-old-lady-driving-in-car.jpg

2.Max Verstappen: “There is a giant lizard on the track!” This memorable statement came at the Singapore grand prix. The Red Bull drive wasn’t lying!



3. Sebastian Vettel: “Honestly! What are we doing, racing or ping pong?” An angry Sebastian Vettel after he was almost hit by Daniel Ricciardo.


4. Sebastian Vettel: “Uh, my bum is feeling a little bit wet!” During the Russian Grand Prix, Vettel’s car had a drinks delivery system malfunction.


The most unexpected moment of the season was the climax of the Mexican Grand Prix. At the end of the back straight, Max Verstappen was running third behind Sebastian Vettel. At the end of the long pit straight, a failed passing maneuver caused Verstappen to cut a corner, which helped him pass the Ferrari driver. Vettel was infuriated, saying some very harsh comments over the team radio. Because he didn’t give the position back, Verstappen was penalized and lost third place. Because of the quick turn of events, Sebastian Vettel had to sprint all the way to the podium! However, this wasn’t it! After the race, Vettel lost third place because he broke a rule by making a sudden movement under braking when he was wheel to wheel with Daniel Ricciardo.





I hope you enjoyed my post, and the next one will be all about the drastically changed 2017 cars!

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