Hi, my name is Amadi. I am the author of all the posts on Kidslovef1.com. I am thirteen years old and I live in Toronto, Canada. My dad made me an F1 enthusiast when I was 3 years old when I went to my first Grand Prix. I started watching f1 in 2010 and I have watched every race since 2014! (Yes I have kept track!) I have been to races all over the world including the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Bahrain Grand Prix, German Grand Prix and the Canadian Grand Prix.


My first F1 race, Montreal 2008

I started this blog to share my love and knowledge of the sport with other kids and get them to enjoy F1 as much as I do. My blog is about what is happening in the world of F1. I do my best to explain things in a simple way so anyone can understand and enjoy this complicated sport. I always look forward to writing a post. It would be awesome if you could leave a comment! I promise I can make you a fan of F1 just like me!


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Below is one of my videos:



Want to order a Kidslovef1 T-Shirt? Send me an email at amadif1@yahoo.com

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I hope you enjoy my blog!

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