Senna and Prost: a Once in a Lifetime Rivalry: Part 2

Hello F1 fans! Welcome to another post! Today I will be writing about the rivalry between Ayrton Senna and Alan Prost. A rivalry that changed the sport forever. If you haven’t read the first part of this post, click on the link to it.

We left off when Prost won the world championship in 1989. There was a controversial maneuver that Senna tried to make on Prost.

It looked like Prost turned into him on purpose. He knew that if Senna did not finish the race, he would have been world champion. That is exactly what happened.

For the 1990 season things were different. Prost had moved to Ferrari. Senna’s new teammate was Gerhard Berger. However, they still remained the two dominant drivers. Senna won six races and Prost won five. Again the championship was so close. For a third year in a row, the championship would be decided at the Japanese Grand Prix. Senna won pole position for the race. He later complained that the pole position should be on the should have been on the left side instead of the right.

The left side of that track is the racing line. It is where the cars usually drive. The other part is rarely used and doesn’t have as much grip. Senna asked for the pole position to be on the left so he would start better. However, the race officials did not agree. So the pole position remained on the right side.

As you can see, Prost got off to a better start than Senna because the pole position was on the dirty side of the track. Prost left a small gap at the first corner and Senna went for it. Prost immediately closed the door on him and they crashed. I thing both the drivers were at fault. If I were Senna, I would have not wen’t for the gap because Prost would have shut the door. I think Prost should have given him a little more space. It looked like he made no effort to do that.

In the end Senna was world champion because Prost did not finish.

There is a lot of information about their rivalry. To much information to fit into one post. Even two! I will not be able to do a post next week because I will be out of town. I will make my next post in two weeks. Bye!

Fact of the day: Ayrton Senna Has the second most pole positions of all time: 65. Almost twice as many as Prost.

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