The Most Unlikely Result in Hungary

Hello F1 fans! This post is about the dramatic race in Hungary that happened yesterday. It was by far the best the best race of the season so far. It was also a very emotional race. The first race since F1 driver Jules Bianchi died from injures from the 2015 Japanese Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton was looking for his fifth ever win in Hungary. It is known to be one of his favorite circuits. Coming into the race, Red Bull looked very competitive.

It was a Mercedes frond row, with Hamilton and Rosberg. On the second row was Sebastian Vettel for Ferrari and Daniel Ricciardo for Red Bull. At the start of the race Vettel made a fantastic start, passing Hamilton and Rosberg for the lead. Kimi Raikkonen also made a good start, passing both Mercedes. By the first corner the Ferrari’s were first and second, leading the two Mercedes in third and fourth.

The drama did not end there. Lewis Hamilton missed the chicane on lap one and dropped to tenth. Determined to win his fifth Hungarian Grand Prix, he recovered to fifth place fifteen laps into the race. Daniel Ricciardo recovered to fourth place after a bad start. The order stayed the same until lap 42 when Nico Hulkenberg’s front wing failed at turn one and he crashed into the wall. This caused the safety car to come out.

I am a Vettel fan. So when the safety car came out, I was worried he would get passed by Nico Rosberg. Raikkkonen, Vettel’s team-mate was in second-place when the safety car came out but  he had problems with the hybrid system. I knew he would be passed quickly. That is exactly what happened. He soon retired from the race. This was the top 4 with 6 laps to go: Vettel was first for Ferrari, Rosberg for Mercedes was in second. Then the 2 Red Bulls (who were surprisingly competitive) of Daniel Riccciardo and Daniil Kvyat.

Going into turn one, Daniel Riccciardo tried to pass Nico Rosberg. On turn two, Rosberg ran wide and damaged Ricciardo’s front wing. Rosberg also got a puncture in one of his tyres. He would finish eighth. It was clearly Rosberg’s fault because he did not give him enough space.

In the end Vettel won the race and was followed by Kvyat and Ricciardo. Vettel detected his win to Jules Bianchi, who had died because of a Crash last October in Japan. He matched the number of wins that Ayrton Senna had: 41. Red Bull had their best result of the year after a terrible first half of the season.

This concludes my post about a truly great race. Bye!

Fact of the day: With that victory, Vettel had the most points ever scored in Forrmula One. Mainly because over the years the points system has changed.

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