Senna And Prost: a Once in a Lifetime Rivalry: Part 1

Hello F1 fans! Welcome to another post! Today we will be talking about an unforgettable rivalry. Alan Prost and Ayrton Senna. It is said to be the biggest rivalry in Formula One history. They won 7 championships combined.

Prost: left Senna: Right

In the 1988 Formula 1 season, they were teammates in McLaren. At the beginning of the season, Prost welcomed Senna. However, their relationship crumbled after the 1988 Portuguese Grand Prix, when Prost accused Senna of forcing him into the wall.

At the end of the season, Senna narrowly won the world championship at the Japanese Grand Prix. Together, they dominated the whole season. Senna won 8 races and Prost won 7. From then on, they barely had any relationship. They wanted to destroy each other on the race track.

The 1989 season was similar to the season before, with McLaren dominating. Now they never spoke to each other. There was a lot of tension between them. At the Japanese Grand Prix it was Senna on 60 points, Prost 76 points. Senna had to win the race to keep the season alive to the last race in Australia.

Senna was on pole position, Prost was second on the grid. At the start of the race, Prost made a better start and led into the first corner. It stayed like that until lap 46 when Senna tried a passing maneuver on Prost, but ended up colliding with him. Senna’s car survived the crash, but was disqualified for getting a push from the marshals to start his engine again. In the end, Prost won the world championship.

This is the end of my post. For now….
Next week I will return to do the second part of this long story. Bye!
Fact of the day: in 1988, McLaren won 15 of the 16 races in the whole season. The only race that was not won by them was the Italian Grand Prix, which was won by Gerhard Berger.

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