Season Update: Hamiton Vs. Rosberg – Who Deserves It?

Hello F1 fans! A lot has happened in the wold of F1 since I’ve last posted. Like this:


Yes its true, Nico Rosberg is now a world champion!

Nico Rosberg sealed the deal by finishing second behind his teammate Lewis Hamilton in the final race. Rosberg won the championship by only 5 points!


After the 2015 season when Hamilton ran away with the championship, I thought that Nico Rosberg would win the next season. And he did! I knew after Hamilton had won his third title, he wouldn’t be as motivated.


With his third world Championship, Lewis Hamilton matched his childhood hero, Ayrton Senna

During the 2016 season there were rumours of Hamilton taking a sabbatical (When someone takes a short break). Although that did not happen, it is a sign he is not enjoying the sport as much.

A lot of people think that Hamilton is a better driver than Rosberg, including me. However, this  season Rosberg was more consistent and had more luck with reliability. 1 major point in the season was the Malaysian Grand Prix when Hamilton retired due to an engine failure.


Hamilton faced a deficit of almost 30 points after that race!

The deficit he faced was simply too big to claw back in the amount of races that were left although, he almost did.


                                    ROSBERG RETIRES 

After his world championship win, Nico Rosberg shocked the world when he announced his decision to retire from the sport. His replacement is going to be Valterri Botttas.

What do you think about his decision?

I hope you enjoyed my post and the 1st annual Kidslovef1 Awards Series will begin in my next pos!. I will cover awards in a four to five post series. I hope you enjoy it!


Bye Nico!

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