Season Update: No Halo for 2017

Hello F1 fans! A lot has happened in the first half of the season and were now into the summer break. Here are the Most recent headlines:



Lots of safety advances have been made to protect the driver. However, there is still 1 weak point. The head. In 2009, a part of Rubens Barrichello’s car flew off it and struck Felipe Massa who was following close behind in the head. This accident would have not have hurt mass if there was some kind of closed cockpit “Halo”design. However, the F.I.A, all the teams and other figures in F1 have decided to not have the closed cockpit design for 2017.


This is Ferrari’s proposal. A cage type shield that could stop something like a tyre from hitting the driver’s head.


Here is what Red Bull came up with. They call it the Aeroscreen. It is kind of like a windscreen you would get in a normal car, except it is for F1 cars.

There are still a lot of questions and uncertainty about the Halo design, like what if the car was upside down and the driver couldn’t get out of the car? I am glad they put it off until 2018 so F1 can do more research and further develop the structure.

Like I promised I would share the results of the last race. Well, Lewis Hamilton won, after a bad start from Nico Rosberg dropped him to fourth. Hamilton’s lead over Rosberg  is now 19 points! A complete turn around.

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