Mercedes 1&2 in Hungarian Grand Prix

Hello F1 fans! This post is about yesterday’s Hungarian Grand Prix. It wasn’t the most exciting race of the season, but saw Lewis Hamilton take the lead in the drivers championship for the first time this season! At one point, Nico Rosberg had a 43 point lead! The race wasn’t completely plain sailing for Mercedes though.


Lewis Hamilton celebrates his win with a dab


                                HEAVY RAIN IN QUALIFYING


When you follow behind a car, the visibility is almost zero!


The pouring rain in qualifying saw a record 4 red flags in a single session! A red flag means the race or qualifying session must be stopped. Rosberg stole pole from Hamilton in dramatic fashion who Fernando Alonso spun, and brought out the yellow flag, which forced Hamilton to slow down. Rosberg took pole position, followed by Hamilton, Ricciardo, Verstappen and Vettel.


                                    EXCITING RACE START

Lots of people were expecting an exciting start like last year and that is what we got. At one point. Daniel Ricciardo had taken the lead of the race! However, in the second corer, Hamilton passed the Australian in the second corner. (Sorry, there are no uploaded youtube videos that show the start.



Max Verstappen had a slow pitstop, which put him behind both Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen (who started 14th). He got stuck behind Raikkonen and formed a buffer for Vettel who later caught up to Ricciardo but couldn’t pass him. At the end of the race Raikkonen and Verstappen had a battle at the end of the race and eventually collided, damaging Raikkonen’s front wing. Verstappen managed to hang on to fourth. Red Bull is now within 1 point of Ferrari in the Constructors’s (Team) championship


                                     LOTS OF MIDFIELD ACTION


Sergio Perez wen’t into the pits when the crew weren’t ready, resulting in a 7 second pitstop




Jenson Button had a miserable race after a hydraulics problem dropped him down to last



Jolson Palmer was on course for his first point, until he spun at turn 4



I hope you enjoyed my post, but sadly I won’t be able to post for next week’s German Grand Prix because I will be out of town. I will mention the results in my next post.

Fact of the day: Saturday’s qualifying session set the record for most red flags.




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