Hamilton Wins After Mercedes Collide

Hello F1 fans! The Austrian Grand Prix provided a spectacular race that left us at the edge of our seats from start to finish.



Coming into the race, Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg both had 5 place grid penalties for gearbox changes. Qualifying got wet in the middle of the final session, but improved towards the end. After all the grid penalties, this was the order of the top 5 on the grid: Hamilton, Hulkenberg, Button, Raikkonen and Ricciardo.


Jenson Button had a good race finishing sixth, scoring vital points for the struggling McLaren Honda team


                                          MERCEDES COLLIDE ON LAST LAP

Approaching a tight right hander on the last lap, Hamilton got a lot more speed approaching the corner and attempted a passing maneuver on the outside of Rosberg. However, Rosberg did not try to to turn until very late, and by the the time he applied full lock on the steering wheel, they had almost collided. It is similar to what Hamilton did to him at Austin last year.



See the similarity?


                               WHERlIN SCORES POINT FOR MANOR

Pascal Wherein scored Manor’s first point since Jules Bianchi finished ninth at the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix. He started in ninth after a weird qualifying and was running in eleventh before the retirement of Sergio Perez on the lap last of the race that promoted him to tenth. Congratulations Manor!



                    VETTLES TYRE EXPLODES ON LAP 26

While leading the race, Sebastian Vettel’s right rear tyre exploded while he was going on the main straight. Pirelli said that the failure was caused by debris. He had done 30 laps on the Super-Soft tyre before it exploded. He was a contender to win the race even after starting 9th because of a grid penalty.




I hope you enjoyed my post, and I am really looking forward for the British Grand Prix. I will now be posting race posts on Monday.

Fact of the Day: Lewis Hamilton was the first F1 driver to score more than 2000 career points. However, the points system has changed over the year.

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