Flashback Fridays: 1992 Monaco Grand Prix

Hello F1 fans! Welcome to my Flashback Fridays post. Every Friday I look back at great F1 races from the past. Today we will be looking at the 1992 Monaco Grand Prix. Williams Driver Nigel Mansell had dominated the first 5 races of the season and was doing the same in this race. He was 30 seconds ahead of second place Ayrton Senna with 7 laps to go. As Mansell was entering the tunnel, he punctured his left rear tyre which forced him to pit. When he came out, he found himself in second place 7 seconds behind Senna. Though it did not take him long to catch up to Senna. For 3 laps Mansell tried everything to get past him. Even this was not enough to get past the 3 time world champion. In the end Senna won by only 2 tenths of a second.

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