My F1 Experience as a 10 Year Old Part 2: Saturday Qualifying

Hello F1 fans! Welcome to part 2 of my post called Saturday Qualifying. This was when all the cars were getting timed to determine the grid positions for each car. I was really excited because it was about 2 years since I last went to a race. I really wanted to hear the sound of the new hybrid F1 cars. The truth is, they weren’t very loud like the last few years. I hope in future years they are louder.

Here is a view from my grandstand.

I was very surprised because my favorite driver, Sebastian Vettel was out in the first qualifying session! It is weird because every time I come to a race he never does well. I did not know he was out, until after qualifying when they announced it on the big screen. However, I did not let that ruin my weekend. Happily Sebastian drove one of his best races despite qualifying eighteenth.

Hamilton had pole position with a time of 1:14.393 and Rosberg close behind with a time of 1:14.702 setting up a great race for Sunday.

I hope you enjoyed my post and look forward to my next post:  My F1 Experience as a Ten Year Old Part 3: The Race.


Fact of the day: If you heard one of the engineers tell the drivers ‘lift and coast’ that means step off the gas pedal before breaking. This saves fuel.

Note: I will be making a new post day called Flashback Fridays. So be on the lookout of posts coming on Fridays!

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