Rosberg Showing his passing skills in Bahrain

Welcome back F1 fans! Today was the Bahrain Grand Prix. It was a night race. The special thing about these races is the cars have sparks coming out of them.  This is caused by titanium skid plates. I will tell you more about them in my next post. At the start of the race, Hamilton made a great start quickly opening up a small lead to Sebastian Vettel in second place.

As the race progressed, there were some amazing passes. Especially from Nico Rosberg. I think he learned some moves from last years race in Bahrain with Hamilton 12 months ago. Weirdly, the Medium Tyre seemed to be faster than the Softer Tyre which is supposed to be faster.

Late in the Race, a mistake from Vettel damaged his front wing causing him to go to the pits and replace it. This dropped him to fifth behind the Williams of Valtari Bottas. On the last lap of the race Kimi Raikkonen was literally under the gearbox of Nico Rosberg. (That is an expression for very close behind.) When Rosberg made a mistake letting Raikkonen pass him.

In the end of the race the top three were Hamilton, Rosberg and then Raikkonen. Another Mercedes 1 and 2! Now they win so much I am only interested on who finishes third. 1 and 2 or not I hope you enjoyed my post and I will see you next week! ( now my non race posts are on Saturday!)

Fact of the day: 7 women actually raced in F1!

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