Close Qualifying in Bahrain

Welcome back F1 fans! Today was qualifying in Bahrain. It is one of my favorite circuits because it is because it is at night and all the cars look nice and shiny. The actual track is good too. One of the big surprises was in qualifying 1 was when Daniil Kvyat was out. I fount that surprising considering he is in a Red Bull and how much sucsess they had in 2013.

Also Jenson Button has been having a miserable weekend so far failing to finish any of the three practice sessions. Meanwhile, his teammate Fernando Alonso made it to the second round of qualifying for the first time of the season.

Late in the third and final qualifying, Sebastian Vettel posted a quick time of 1:32.982. Then Kimi Raikkonen had a slightly slower time that was beatan by Rosberg. Last but not least Lewis Hamilton crossed the line with a staggering time of 1:32.571 to claim pole position.

I hope you enjoyed my post and will enjoy tomorrows race. Until then I will see you all later. Bye!

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