Hamilton’s Victory In Brazil Takes Championship To Final Race Of The Season


Isn’t the track shaped a little bit like a landline telephone?

Hello F1 fans! After I had finished watching the Brazilian Grand prix I was truly in awe. Crash after crash, Weather change after weather change, red flag after red flag, this race had it all.

Lewis Hamilton won the race, which means the title will be decided in the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi.


Hamilton drove a flawless race, leading start to finish



There was torrential rain during the start of the race, so it had to be started under the safety car. It went in after 8 laps.formula-one-f1-brazilian-grand-prix-3


Romain Grosjean crashed under the safety car!

When the race properly started, Hamilton- in the lead managed to make a 3 second gap to second place Rosberg before the the safety car came out as a result of Marcus Ericsson’s crash at the penultimate (final) corner.


Oh! Gotta hurt…

The race was later resumed, until Kimi Raikkonen spun on the pit straight, which red flagged the race. A little over half an hour later, the race was restarted under the safety car for 7 laps until the conditions were too wet to race which forced the race director to halt the race.


The race race resumed. It ran under a green flag or 16 laps until Felipe Massa crashed and ended up in the exact same place as Ericsson. This brought out the safety car for 7 laps and the race ran until the end.


                                YOU CRASHED! WHO CARES


_92424096_massa4_rex.jpgBrazilian driver Felipe Massa’s final race is coming up soon. This was his final home race. A race he will remember for years to come. After he crashed and got out of the car, the crowd cheered and hollered. They sounded a crowd at a soccer world cup final! The williams driver was struggling to fight back tears with his wife and child.



When Red Bull gambled by putting Max Verstappen on the intermediate tires and it did’t pay off we all thought “Oh he is out of it. He might not finish in the top 10!” However he put on the “extreme” wet weather tires and flew! He was 13th at one time but finished third after passing Sergio Perez with 2 laps to go. He is really living up to his nickname Mad Max.


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