New Qualifying Format Causes Controversy

Hello F1 fans! It is only 1 week until the first race of the season in Australia. Lot of things have happened leading up to the inaugural race. The qualifying system has drastically changed. This has caused controversy amongst the drivers.


The sports governing body, the F.I.A. voted through a new system that will increase unpredictability in qualifying sessions. Here is what the system would look like:


  • Session is 15 minutes, 3 shorter that last year.
  •  Slowest driver eliminated 7 minutes into session
  • Every 90 seconds, driver is with slowest time is eliminated until end of session
  • 7 drivers knocked out in Q1


  • 15 drivers remain in Q2
  • Session lasts for 15 minutes
  •  Slowest driver eliminated 6 minutes into session
  •  Driver with slowest time eliminated every 90 seconds until end of session
  • 7 drivers knocked out in session


  • 8 drivers remain in Q3
  • Session lasts for 14 minutes
  •  Slowest driver eliminated 5 minutes into session
  • Driver with slowest time eliminated every 90 seconds until there are 2 drivers left
  • Last 2 drivers have 90 second shootout for pole position
  • Driver with faster time of 2 fastest drivers gets pole

Most drivers are against this changed format. Their worry is that the system is too complicated and will be hard for fans to follow. Most of the top drivers are opposed to the new system because it will be a lot harder for them to get a good grid position. The biggest difference from the old and new format is the length of the sessions and the fact that drivers will be eliminated so early in the session.

I am excited to see how the new format works out at the first race because the new format will bring unpredictability and excitement. Imagine how crazy things would be if it was raining! The old system was getting boring and predictable because the same teams kept getting pole position. Wouldn’t it be fun to see a McLaren Honda on pole!


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