Greatest Corners in Formula 1

Hello F1 fans! This is a very special post! It is about the 5 greatest corners in Formula 1.


                       NOUVELLE CHICANE- (MONACO)


This sequence makes up turns 10 and 11 on the Monaco Circuit. The drivers exit the tunnel at 280 kph and have to slow down to 100 kph to make the corner. I really like this corner because you are so close to the the barrier to the left when you are exiting. Up to the early nineties, the curb was a lot bigger that it is now, which made the line through this corner even tighter!


Passing attempts through this corner usually end up like this- or worse


                                     130R- SUZUKA (JAPAN)


130-R is a truly great turn where you experience everything in just a split second. The corner was given this name because that is the angle of the corner: 130 degrees. Drivers go through this tight left hander at speeds up to 300 kph. Only a few brave drivers have dared to attempt a pass through this corner…




How could I not add this corner? Monza would not be the same withought this 200 kilometer per hour corner. To get a good lap, you MUST get this long right hander correct. The best way to get it right is to enter the corner through a tight line and then use up lots of the road during the exit.




Eau Rouge is more than a corner. It is the ultimate test for a driver. This corner separates the men from the boys. The good drivers and the great drivers are separated. You go through this up hill 300 kph corner and don’t even think of lifting of from the throttle!  Even worse, the new corner (Radillon) is invisible! One mistake and you’re dead! This almost happened to Fernando Alonso.






I wonder how many champions have been caught out by this chicane and ended up slamming the wall? That is what gave the corner its name. Champions including Michael Schumacher, Jenson Button, Damon Hill, Jacques Villeneuve (twice), Sebastian Vettel and many others. I feel for the drivers who crashed into the wall on this corner. You have to break from the 335 kph straight (one of the fastest in F1) to 80kph. If you carry only just too much speed, or the back end steps out a little bit, your race is over. This infamous turn is both a SUPER tight and fast corner.


Now for the fun bit: seing drivers crashing in to this corner!



Make your opinion count and vote for your favorite corner!


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