Wow! What a Season Part 1: The Teams

Hello F1 fans! It is now the end of the season! I hope you enjoyed it (I certainly did) the next one will be even better! Nico Rosberg’s fantastic end to the season opens up possibilities for 2016




Their drivers, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

Wow! That is all I can say. They have dominated this season,  winning all but 3 races this year. They ran away with the drivers title being won by Lewis Hamilton, and the constructers title which they won by 275 points. You would need 11 wins to close that gap! That is more than half the season!



Ferrari won 3 races this season. The only team to have beat Mercedes this year.

After a frustrating season last year (firing 3 team principals) Ferrari bounced back and reached their goal of winning 3 races this year. They have had a solid year, being one of the most consistent teams. The italian team will continue to make big strides next year. Hopefully we can see them in the mix for the championship in 2016.


Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Chinese Grand Prix - Race Day - Shanghai, China

The car is good on the straights, but struggles around the corners.

Last season was very good for Williams. The beat Ferrari and secured third place in the constructors championship last year. However this year, they have kind of stayed the same. Williams have shown good pace, beating Red Bull, but have been leapfrogged by Ferrari this year.

                                                     RED BULL


Adrian Newey,  is responsible for making the best chassis in F1. He is also responsible for Williams’ success in the early 1990s

Disappointing season for Red Bull considering that they were a dominant force from 2010 to 2013. Their engine supplier Renault, have struggled with the new hybrid engines. Red Bull were looking for another engine supplier, but could not find one for this reason: They simply have the best chassis in F1. No one wants to give them engines because with a decent engine and a fantastic chassis, Red Bull will go back to their dominant ways. For example, at the United States Grand Prix it was raining very hard  for the first part of the race. When it was raining, the were battling with the Mercedes! At one point Red Bull even took the lead! They are good in conditions or tracks where horsepower is not a factor.

                                             TORO ROSSO

Starting the season with two rookie drivers. You think 17 years old is too young? Talk to Max Vestappen. Have a chat with Carlos Sainz also. These two drivers have done an amazing job this year. They have shown great maturity for their age. A few signs of youth here and there. Other than that, both drivers have been fantastic. Max Vestappen completed some amazing passes this year.


                                                    FORCE INDIA

F1 Grand Prix of Russia

Sergio Perez got Force India’s only podium of the year by finishing third at the Russian Grand Prix

Solid season. Both drivers are very familiar with the sport and have consistently been in the points. A few surprises, for example when Sergio Perez finished third in Mexico. If they had a little more luck, they could have done better.



Lotus hasn’t had a win since the 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

A terrible, terrible, terrible season for them last year, scoring only 10 points! They were looking forward to getting Mercedes engines for this year. However, it hasn’t really suited Lotus. Although there have been a few who hoos  here and there like Grosjean’s podium at Spa, it has been a disappointing season. However, they were recently bought by Renault.



At first they were very competitive, finishing in the points in two of the first 3 races. As other teams updated or improved there cars, they fell down the pack. Both drivers did well, considering the machinery they have, consistently finishing just outside of the points.



McLare had 12 non finishes in total

Poor guys at McLaren. The crew might be one of the stars of the season just for getting through it. Reliability issues, penalties, the power unit. Problem after problem. They are wasting arguably the best driver line on the grid. Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button. It’s okay, the new engine supplier Honda will have to develop their engine more to make it better.


Almost exited F1 in 2014 like Caterham. Usually the back marker, but at least they are back. It will be interesting how they compete with the new team Haas that is coming next year.Unknown-5.jpeg.

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