Last Minute Drama in Silverstone

Hello F1 fans! Yesterday was the 2015 British Grand Prix. It was full of surprises especially near the end of the race when it started to rain. Also when Felipe Massa made a great start passing both Mercedes. The crowd was one of the loudest F1 crowds I have ever scene. Every time Lewis Hamilton made a good pass, the crowd went wild.

On pole position was Lewis Hamilton. Second on the grid was Nico Rosberg. The second row was occupied by the two Williams of Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa. They impressively out-qualified the two Ferraris, who are usually third and fourth on the grid.  When the race started the two Mercedes had a terrible start while Felipe Massa and Valterri Bottas both made great starts.

Hamilton managed to pass both Williams, while Rosberg did not get past them until lap 36 out of 52. The Ferraris were no where near the pace of the top 4 cars. Throughout the whole race, everyone feared it was going to rain. That is exactly what happened. It caused a lot of confusion.  I did not care because it was fun to watch. Some teams thought it would rain in 5 minutes, some people thought it would be very light. Even some teams thought the rain would not come at all! Kimi Raikkonen put on the wet weather tyres too early. When the rain came his tyres were already ripped to shreds!

On the other hand, Sebastian Vettel made a pit-stop at the perfect time. For most of the race he was alone in sixth, but at the end of the race he found himself on the podium in third place! This shows how the race can be won or lost in the pits. In the end Hamilton won his home grand prix, Rosberg was second and Vettel was third. It was the sixth time this season the drivers have been on the podium together.

I hope you enjoyed my post and I will write a post next Friday for another F1 flashback. Bye!

Fact of the day: Maggots corner is one of the fastest corners in the world with cars reaching speeds of up to 290 kph! Almost as fast as the Porche 911 turbo! And it is on a corner!

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